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Time:2021-06-17 18:46:23

What makes a book a “summer book”? Only the fact that it comes out in the summer, the time of year when ! despite the fact that the last thing many of us feel like doing is sitting still ! there seems to be a mandate to read something, anything. But maybe that does make a certain kind of sense. If we didn’t schedule time for ourselves to slow down and lose ourselves in a book for a little while, we might just keep going and going, spinning into oblivion ! or at least straight into the fall.

With everyone sitting on their hands for the return of Stranger Things to Netflix, Behaviour Interactive are looking to fill the void with new Stranger Things-related content to Dead by Daylight.

True, the new content isn¨t as substantial as the previous Stranger Things DLC, but it does give fans new options if you enjoy playing as Steve and Nancy. The new content includes the first Legendary Set available for a Stranger Things character by transforming Steve Harrington (in appearance only) into one of the series¨ main protagonists in Jonathan Byers. The other content is the Moment of Truth Collection, a Very Rare mix-and-match outfit for Nancy Wheeler called the Impulsive Activist Outfit.

Nancy¨s Impulsive Activist Outfit is available now for 1,080 Auric Cells in the in-game store, while the Jonathan Byers Legendary Set for Steve Harrington can be purchased for 1,485 Auric Cells. Obviously, you¨ll need to have the Stranger Things DLC to use these in the game.

Meanwhile, for those waiting for the Resident Evil crossover content, you can expect Nemesis, Jill and Leon to join the game on June 15th.

The fourth season of Stranger Things, which will have Robert Englund joining the cast, is currently in production.



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