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[Octopath Traveler]Is Project Triangle Strategy A Sequel To Octopath Traveler?

Time:2021-07-19 04:59:06

  To be fair, Square Enix apparently tweeted about a sequel in early March 2019. Additionally, Tomoya Asano, one of the producers behind “Octopath Traveler,” shared an update with Famitsu magazine on said sequel in February 2021. Asano predicts that it’ll “take a little while”?before a sequel releases on consoles (translation via DualShockers). However, Square did release a prequel called “Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent” for Android and iOS devices on October 28, 2020, which may give some fans a better idea of what the next installment will be like.

  Right now, the prequel is only available in Japan.?According to Nintendo Enthusiast, Square Enix plans on adding new chapters every month or two, and already has over two years of planned content for “Champion of the Continent.” In addition to the upcoming mobile release for North America, fans are hoping that Square will consider porting the game to consoles like the Switch.

  Square hasn’t confirmed an exact release date for “Project Triangle Strategy,” but the company has advertised that the game should come out sometime in 2022. In the meantime, Asano has suggested that fans check out “Bravely Default 2,” which released around the same time as the Famitsu interview. It’s worth remembering that “Bravely Default 2″ wasn’t exactly a strict sequel to the original — perhaps?”Project Triangle Strategy” is following suit.



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