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[God of War]God of War: Ragnarok’s First Gameplay May Be Shown Soon, Per Rumor

Time:2021-07-21 21:13:55

  According to a rumor by’s Nick Baker, Sony might show off the first gameplay footage for God Of War: Ragnarok at the next State of Play.

  By J. Brodie Shirey

  Published 11 hours ago


  God of War Kratos Atreus Fog

  Fans could be seeing some gameplay footage from God Of War: Ragnar?k soon, at least according to a new rumor. The highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed God Of War reboot was first teased for the PlayStation 5 back in 2020, but things have taken a rocky turn since.

  Though the tentatively titled God Of War: Ragnar?k was initially said to be releasing later this year, the game was eventually delayed until 2022, a decision made by Sony Monica director Cory Balrog himself. Since then, his studio has received nasty messages from upset “fans,” but he and his staff are remaining committed to ensuring that Ragnar?k is the top-tier gaming experience players are expecting when it finally is ready to launch on both the PS4 and PS5. Now, fans might get a chance to see the next God Of War in action sooner than they thought.

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  God of War Kratos Atreus Fog

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  Nick Baker, the co-founder of and co-host of the XboxEra Podcast, recently shared a theory regarding God Of War: Ragnar?k on Twitter, stating that he thinks Sony will show off some gameplay footage at its upcoming PlayStation State Of Play livestream event. There has been no official word as to when this event will take place, but it will serve as Sony’s substitute for the recent E3 2021, which it was notably absent from for the third year in a row.

  I’m being told we’ll see our first gameplay of the new God of War at Sony’s show too. Will be exciting to see.

  — Nick (@Shpeshal_Nick) June 26, 2021

  Not much is known about God Of War: Ragnar?k’s plot as of yet, but it is said to be centered around the titular final battle of Nordic lore, with Kratos going head-to-head with the God of Thunder himself, Thor Odinson. Additionally, Kratos’s son Atreus might be fully playable in the new game, with Santa Monica Studio concept artist Samuel Matthews entertaining the idea on a recent podcast.


  2018’s God Of War reboot was met with high praise for its slower, more close-up combat and exploration, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves in God Of War: Ragnar?k, especially given the ways the haptic feedback and dynamic triggers of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller could potentially add to the weight and power of Kratos’s trusty weapons. So far, Nick Baker’s speculation is just that – the very PlayStation State Of Play event that this reveal is said to take place at doesn’t even have an official date yet – but it would make sense for Sony to show off one of its most anticipated exclusives during its virtual E3 substitute.? ?


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  Source: Nick Baker/Twitter


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