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[Dynasty Warriors 4]Samurai Warriors 5 Season Pass and Brand-New Characters Revealed

Time:2021-07-31 22:39:29

  Koei Tecmo held a live stream where it revealed a Samurai Warriors 5 season pass and five new characters. Three of the fighters are brand-new to the series, while two of them are making their return. Koei Tecmo also revealed a digital deluxe edition for the upcoming hack ‘n slash title.

  The season pass for Samurai Warriors 5 will contain a large amount of extra content. Players who buy the pass will receive the upcoming DLC at a discounted price, plus bonuses exclusive to it. In total, there will be six additional scenarios, six sets of music, five sets of additional weapons with three weapons in each set, and six extra horses. As for exclusive bonuses, buyers will receive gold to upgrade weapons, plus items that power up fighters. However, those who are hesitant to jump in for the whole deal can purchase content in the season pass separately at a later date.

  For players who prefer to go disc-less, the Samurai Warriors 5 Digital Deluxe Edition will include the Season Pass. Additionally, this version of the game will come with a special horse, a skill-gem set, a compact tool, and the Rift Blade, Masterpiece, Sharpened Fang Spear, and Sky Piercer weapons.

  Samurai Warriors 5 Season PassSamurai Warriors 5 Season Pass Samurai Warriors 5 Digital Deluxe EditionSamurai Warriors 5 Digital Deluxe Edition

  In terms of characters, Samurai Warriors 5 will include a total of 27 fighters, and Koei Tecmo revealed 19 warriors so far. The company announced recently that fan-favorites like Oichi and Tadakatsu Honda will make their return. Here are the five newly announced characters that Koei Tecmo showed during its live stream:

  SenaA brand-new character with an unyielding spirit.Yoshimoto Imagawa’s niece and?Ieyasu Tokugawa’s wife.Shikanosuke YamanakaA brand-new character with a cheerful and frank personality.The Amago family’s retainer.Kazuuji NakamuraA brand-new character and a Koga Ninja.Serves Hideyoshi since the Oda family killed his former employer.Hanbei TakenakaA returning character who is mild-mannered and quick-witted.A tactician who serves the Saito family, and is a mentor to Kanbei.Kanbei KurodaA returning character who appears composed, but hates losing.A tactician from Harima and a pupil to Hanbei. Samurai Warriors 5 Sena 1Samurai Warriors 5 Sena 1 Sena 2Sena 2 Sena 3Sena 3 Sena 4Sena 4

  Samurai Warriors 5 Shikanosuke Yamanaka 1Samurai Warriors 5 Shikanosuke Yamanaka 1 Shikanosuke Yamanaka 2Shikanosuke Yamanaka 2 Shikanosuke Yamanaka 3Shikanosuke Yamanaka 3 Shikanosuke Yamanaka 4Shikanosuke Yamanaka 4

  Samurai Warriors 5 Kazuuji Nakamura 1Samurai Warriors 5 Kazuuji Nakamura 1 Kazuuji Nakamura 2Kazuuji Nakamura 2 Kazuuji Nakamura 3Kazuuji Nakamura 3 Kazuuji Nakamura 4Kazuuji Nakamura 4

  Samurai Warriors 5 Hanbei Takenaka 1Samurai Warriors 5 Hanbei Takenaka 1 Hanbei Takenaka 2Hanbei Takenaka 2 Hanbei Takenaka 3Hanbei Takenaka 3 Hanbei Takenaka 4Hanbei Takenaka 4

  Samurai Warriors 5 Kanbei Kuroda 1Samurai Warriors 5 Kanbei Kuroda 1 Kanbei Kuroda 2Kanbei Kuroda 2 Kanbei Kuroda 3Kanbei Kuroda 3 Kanbei Kuroda 4Kanbei Kuroda 4

  Samurai Warriors 5 will release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The Japanese launch date is June 24, 2021 for the Switch and PS4, while the overseas version will release on all platforms on July 27, 2021.



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