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[Marvel vs. Capcom 2]Marvel vs. Capcom 2 combo set to synthesizer beats is absolutely epic, and even contains a clever re

Time:2021-07-31 22:58:25


  Posted by John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero ? December 22, 2020 at 1:52 p.m. PST ? Comments: 13


  It may be about about time for developers to take notice of just how often fighting game players explore the genre’s common space with rhythm games. Here on EventHubs, we’ve seen creative minds use the visual and audio cues from rhythm titles like Dance Dance Revolution to approach learning and developing muscle memory for fighting game combos from a fresh angle.

  We’ve yet another example today as a Akitolovesmusic has shared a clip of their performing a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Iron Man combo through a synthesizer that appears to have its various keys synced up so as to function as a controller for the game while still spouting out tones with each button press.

  We can’t tell exactly whether or not Akito legitimately has this controller linked up to their gaming console or if they’ve simply figured out the timing and spliced footage together, but it really doesn’t matter either way. It does look as though everything is directly connected, for what it’s worth.

  It’s one thing to hear the beat and another to see Iron Man pull off a routine combo, but when the two are paired together like this it immediately and exponentially raises the hype. Not only does the beat down garner a natural swag about itself, but it also leads us to begin considering the matter of fact relationship between playing music and playing fighters.

  You’ll see the quick clip immediately below, and those of you who played a good bit of Battle Toads back in the day may recognize the little addendum at the end as it’s a direct reference to a particular tune from the NES Battle Toads game. Be sure to share your reactions to this slick sequence in the comments once you’ve watched it a few times.

  Keep the rhythm up!!!

  — Akito555@ ACPR GGPO Hype Train (@akitolovesmusic) December 21, 2020

  The artist is a very talented musician who covers video game songs on the regular. If you’d like to see some of their work, we’d suggest starting with this wonderful acoustic cover of Eltnum’s theme from Under Night In Birth.



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