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[make extra cash online]5 odd jobs players can take up in GTA 5 Online

Time:2021-08-06 01:05:17

  GTA 5 Online doesn’t want to shy away from the fact that it is a massive open-world game. It’s a good thing for players as it gives them the chance to grind the game and get to experience everything that it has to offer.

  When it comes to GTA 5 Online, apart from the main storyline missions, there are a ton of things and side activities that players can engage in. This article will discuss the five odd jobs players can take up in GTA 5 Online.

  In GTA 5 Online, players can compete against up to 16 players in fiery shootouts. Players who come out on top are very extravagantly rewarded with cash.

  Those who want to take part in these deathmatches can do so by visiting the blue skull icon on the map. Every deathmatch occurs in a separate part of the map with diverse conditions, so players won’t get bored of these easily.


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  If players are looking to earn an extra buck, then races might be just for them. Races in GTA 5 Online enable players to race against each other in circuits around different parts of Los Santos. These races can be accessed by visiting the blue checkered-flag icons on the map.

  Players will get information about the type of car being used in the race pictured below the checkered flag.


  Parachute jumping in GTA 5 Online is for players looking to experience the thrill and intensity of being a skydiver. It is more of a competition in the game where players must receive higher points than others to win. To earn higher points, players need to be as close to the center as possible while also landing in the landing zone.


  These are competitive missions in GTA 5 Online that were initially incorporated with the Heist Update. In these missions, one group of players strive to endure a continuous attack from another group. Currently, a total of 26 missions are available for players, and Rockstar makes constant additions to make them stay relevant.


  These are jobs that users can create which are accepted and featured by Rockstar. All of these missions are designed by players using the GTA Content Creator. Verified Jobs are hand-picked by Rockstar and are tested by them. After being verified, the Jobs are then made available.


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