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[video game release dates 2020]Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Releases Electrifying New Clip

Time:2021-08-15 22:50:14

  A new Escape Room: Tournament of Champions clip shows the game moving onto a train car with potential electrifying consequences for the players.

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  Holland Roden in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

  A new clip for the upcoming Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?has been released. The first?Escape Room hit theaters in 2019. The horror/thriller is set around a crew of people who accept an invitation to participate in an escape room?with the chance to win a $10,000 prize, if they are able to complete it. They quickly realize that it’s not a typical escape room, and the consequences are a matter of life and death.

  The sequel is set to be released on July 16, 2021. It follows a new group of people who are trapped in another deadly set of escape rooms. They uncover that they have all gone through this before. Now, they must work together in order to?survive. Taylor Russell (Zoey) and Logan Miller (Ben) reprise their roles from the previous film, alongside newcomers Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Thomas Cocquerel, and Carlito Olivero. Adam Robitel (Escape Room) directs a screenplay written by Will Honley (Bloodline), Maria Melnik (Escape Room), Daniel Tuch (Burn Notice), and Oren Uziel (The Cloverfield Paradox).


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  Fandango?has released a new clip for the upcoming horror film. The new players have been selected and find themselves locked in a train car. They begin?to panic knowing that the person who put them in these games before has gotten to them again. The danger is imminent, so they must act fast if they hope to survive. Audiences will have to wait to see if they all make it out alive of the first puzzle. See below for the new?Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?clip:

  Originally set for a release date of April 17, 2020, the film was delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. After a few further date changes, the sequel finally has a set release date to hit theaters. Those who are wanting?to watch it from home will have to wait, as Robitel made it known that he is firm about wanting the film to be?enjoyed to its fullest potential in a dark theater with big visuals and sound.


  Escape Room?fulfills the PG-13?Saw-adjacent craving that brought a lot of audiences to the theater with the first installment. On a reported $9 million budget, the film made $155.7 million worldwide.?Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?offers an All-Stars contest of sorts. Since they have all survived the previous escape rooms, it’s made clear that they are able to sufficiently solve puzzles. Maybe this time, the strategical portion of the deadly puzzles will be more difficult to solve.

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  Source: Fandango

  Key Release Dates

  Escape Room 2 (2021)Release date: Jul 16, 2021


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