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[DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE]Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: How To Increase Team Cost

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  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: How To Increase Team Cost

  By Trévon Walker-Thompson

  Published May 31, 2021


  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a great mobile title any Dragon Ball fan can enjoy. Here’s how you can best increase your team cost.

  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Title Screen Shenron Baba Shop Battlefield Feature Image

  Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a mobile gacha game played around the world by all kinds of Dragon Ball fans. Some are simply satisfied with the character collecting aspect of it, while others are more interested in building up strong teams and challenging tough events. The game usually does a phenomenal job with its promotional campaigns, especially around special events like anniversaries, which draw in many new players.

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  Unfortunately, all new players will face an unavoidable problem when it comes to team building. Every character comes with a set character cost ranging from 1 to 99 and each deck has a maximum team cost that can’t be exceeded. This leaves new players unable to form their desired teams until they level up enough to fit everyone’s cost within one deck. On the bright side, there’s plenty of methods to raise that maximum team cost so players can enjoy every kind of team under the sun.


  Trunks Quest EXP Banner Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  The main quest is what serves as Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle’s story mode and is the first place new players are guided to. There are many chapters with various stages in each of them, with each completed stage giving a single Dragon Stone. Dragon Stones serve as this game’s currency for several things, but most importantly are used to summon on banners that feature brand new characters.

  This factor alone makes main quests worth the effort to go through, but they’re also one of the most plentiful sources of player rank experience. Dokkan Battle very frequently holds campaigns where experience gained from main quests is multiplied several times over, which really adds up on the higher difficulties. Rapid levels being gained will result in team cost quickly stacking up as well. Another thing to be gained from going through the main quests are the seven Dragon Balls, which help with this same issue directly.

  Shenron Wishes Dragon Ball Collection Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  Dozens of stages in the main campaign feature nodes that have Dragon Balls hovering over the spaces. Upon rolling the right number to land on these nodes you collect one of the seven Dragon Balls. Players can view their collection in the main menu to the left of the ‘START’ button, where a smaller button labeled ‘Shenron’ is. Upon looking into the collection you can even tap the empty spaces to get hints as to where that Dragon Ball is.

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  Once you’ve collected all seven, you can visit your collection and tap the button that says ‘Summon’ to trigger the cutscene wherein you summon Shenron. Once it’s finished it’ll give you a list of all the wishes he can grant. Each and every one of the available options is a great help, however for the sake of raising your maximum team cost you must select ‘I want a stronger team!’. In doing so you’re granted a good variety of awakening medals and you increase your team cost by 10. Unfortunately, team cost can only be raised once with this method but there’s still plenty of wishes that are worth the player’s time.


  Supreme Kai's Trials News Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  Supreme Kai Stones are another method of raising your total team cost through main quests. Throughout the many different areas present within the main quest, some will have an icon of a red scroll on the right. These quests have a Supreme Kai’s Trial icon attached to them, which?require the player to complete the mission under certain conditions to be rewarded with Supreme Kai Stones. Upon accumulating many Supreme Kai Stones through the trials present in quests, players can then head over to Baba’s Shop and exchange them under the Treasure tab.

  There are several extremely useful resources you’re able to purchase in this shop. The effects of these items range from raising the super attack level of your units, to increasing maximum character storage, raising maximum stamina and even buying [Determined Fusion] Vegito. In this shop you can raise your maximum team cost by up to 40 through several purchases. Make sure to spend your Supreme Kai Stones carefully, as they are currently a finite resource.

  Warrior of Fury Super Saiyan Goku Banner Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  The main quest isn’t the only mode where you can rack up a good amount of exp to keep raising your player rank. Story events are a source of Dragon Stones for players that have farmed out all of the main quests. They’re also where nearly all of the free units players can get are dropped, so needless to say everyone will be making frequent visits there. Dokkan events are challenging battles where medals to Dokkan awaken a wide variety of units are obtained upon winning.

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  While neither of these modes are particularly lucrative for experience by themselves, rest assured that they definitely don’t slouch on how much they give. Just gradually farming these modes will grant you levels, even as you’re focusing on strengthening your teams or getting Dragon Stones.


  Pan's Secret Adventure Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  Pan’s Secret Adventure is a special kind of event that can be found underneath the Growth tab. It offers two stages that cost a ridiculous amount of stamina to attempt, but you receive more exp the more stamina you consume. These two stages are by far the most generous in terms of experience gain, usually granting enough to shoot the player up another level at least.

  The catch to Pan’s Secret Adventure aside from the huge stamina investment is that it can only be challenged once every seven days. This means that you want to dump as much stamina as you can to benefit the most you can from it. Fortunately, both stages are counted separately so you can get two big boosts to exp every seven days if you have the stamina for it. Don’t worry about the difficulty either; the required fight ends after one turn and she doesn’t attack you during it, so it’s a free win.

  Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash Battlefield Goku Majin Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  Battlefield Memories are a currency obtained from the Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash, also known as Dokkan Battlefield. This is a mode where a player takes a large quantity of units to challenge a sequence of bosses that ramp up in difficulty the further along they go. For beating these bosses you’re rewarded with Battlefield Memories, getting more in quantity the harder stages you beat.

  These Battlefield Memories can be exchanged in the same place Supreme Kai Stones are found, in Baba’s Shop underneath the Treasure tab. You can exchange Battlefield Memories for a huge variety of items, one of which is of course more maximum team cost. For 10,000 memories you can increase team cost by 1, up to a total of 10 additional team cost. Unlike Supreme Kai Stones Dokkan Battlefield refreshes around every month, so you can spend them as you please.

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