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[The Medium]Xbox Series X exclusive game The Medium has jumped to January 2021

Time:2021-06-26 15:26:10

  Foreign media reported thatPsychological horror game “THE Medium” by Bloober Team,The listing date has been postponed on December 10, 2020, and is postponed to January 28, 2021.Many players guess,As an exclusive work of the Xbox Series X platform,This Poland game studio may be a “Sai Bo-Depens 2077” (extended to December 10) to avoid the same jumping ticket.


  Bloober Team interpret: affected by COVID-19 epidemic epidemic and timetable adjustments to other games on the market,This studio has to make this difficult decision.

  Even so,Bloober Team is still committed to bringing the most ambitious and let players immersed a terrorist game experience.


  It should be pointed out thatWith the “raw ring: unlimited”, it was postponed to 2021,”The Medium” scheduled from January is very expected to be in the Xbox Series X / S exclusive game market,And show some unique utilization on the new generation of the next generation.

  The Medium – Dual Reality GamePlay (VIA)

  As the protagonist in the game,Marianne can freely move in the reality and spiritual world.And players will be navigated between the two worlds.Solve various problems,And struggle with hostile forces.

  As for “The Medium” will join the Xbox Game Pass subscription package for host / PC platforms,I have to see if Microsoft can launch this service in time.



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