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[Fire Emblem]Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Happiest Solo Character Endings

Time:2021-07-08 14:07:42

  These Fire Emblem soldiers, schemers, and strategists find happiness on their own.

  By Jasmine Venegas

  Published 9 hours ago


  Dorothea smiles and Yuri has tea

  In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s not uncommon for players to plan out which characters they want to see paired with others. The character endings are often satisfying or even romantic as they conclude the stories of each playable character in the game.

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  There are many excellent duo character endings, but there are also numerous solo character endings that are surprisingly great. These characters all find some way to make?Fódlan a better place, achieve their dreams, and live happy, fulfilling lives on their own. Even when they aren’t paired with someone else, their stories still find excellent conclusions.


  Yuri drinking tea

  Yuri is a kind person who prioritizes the safety of his people, the Abyssians. Like Claude, he’s a cunning strategist, but Yuri is more involved in illicit markets and shady dealings. Even after the war, his goal is to help those less fortunate than him, even if his means of doing so aren’t entirely legal. However, the more he thrives, the more that nearby orphanages and almshouses thrive alongside him, and he continues his underground business for decades.


  Linhardt sleeping

  After the war, Linhardt decides that he doesn’t want to live his life as a noble. Instead, he prefers to spend the rest of his days at Garreg Mach Monastery, where he finds the peace he wanted.

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  He continued to work at his own pace and lived researching the things he was most interested in, something he desired ever since he was a student. It isn’t until after he passes away that his incredible Crest-related discoveries are uncovered.


  Alois teatime

  At the end of the Crimson Flower route, Alois and his family choose to move to Remire Village, where they live as farmers. Alois spends the rest of his days peacefully with the family he loves so much and never regrets it. In all other routes, Alois instead becomes the captain of the Knights of Seiros, accomplishing even more than Jeralt did. It’s nice to know that a kind man like Alois finds happiness in both of these possible ending paths.

  ignatz and Byleth ending

  Ignatz is the second son in his family, meaning that his older sibling will inherit the family business. His parents urged him to enroll in the Officers Academy in order to become a knight instead, but deep down, Ignatz didn’t want this.

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  Ever since he made a little girl happy by giving her one of his pictures, he’s always wanted to be an artist. After the war, he musters up the courage to tell his family of his aspirations. After convincing them that this was the best path for him, he traveled the world as an artist. He made his dream come true, and inspired many people who saw his works.


  Claude Surprised

  Due to his mixed heritage, Claude found himself discriminated against by both sides. This inspired him to try and bring Almyra and Fódlan together, believing it was possible for the two nations to live in harmony. After the Fódlan war ended, Claude didn’t give himself much time to rest, heading straight to Almyra to take up his role as prince and work on improving relations. He is so successful that both nations forget why they harbored such resentment towards each other in the first place. This ending shows just how much people can accomplish if they put in the effort to create change.

  Dorothea Smiling

  Dorothea lived as a street urchin until she was recruited to the Mittelfrank Opera, where she soon gained popularity. Fearful of returning to her previous life, she joined the Officers Academy in order to secure a better future for herself and to find a husband. She quickly discovered how much she hated violence during the war and returned to the Opera group. She thankfully retires and lives a comfortable life with her husband, which a well-deserved ending for her.


  Dimitri leading army

  For some time, Dimitri becomes a vicious and hateful man, as Edelgard’s betrayal amongst other tragedies took their toll. During the war, he claims many lives, and he doesn’t regain his sense of humanity until Rodrigue Fraldarius sacrifices his life to save him.

  Although unable to forgive himself for the things he’s done, Dimitri takes it upon himself to make up for his crimes by helping as many people as possible. He is successful in this endeavor, actively listening to suggestions to improve foreign relations and the living situations of his people.

  Annette at monastery

  Before arriving at the Officers Academy, Annette graduated from the Royal School of Sorcery. After the war, she returns to work as a teacher. Not only is she a gifted educator who contributes to the success of her students, but she is beloved and respected. Her kind, upbeat personality rubs off on those she teaches, making the world a brighter place. In this aspect, Annette’s personality since her days in the Academy hasn’t changed much.


  Hapi tea time

  Hapi led a very difficult life. She was experimented on against her will, which granted her the ability to summon beasts every time she sighed. Although the Church of Seiros promised to help her, she was instead imprisoned in the Abyss, something she was bitter about for a long time.

  Despite all this hardship, she makes meaningful contributions to the war. She still shows commitment to doing the right thing and single-handedly defeated Those Who Slither in the Dark when they re-emerged. In the end, she managed to control the beasts that plagued her, proving that she finally found peace.

  Hanneman support conversation

  Hanneman realized quickly that people put too much value in Crests, to the point where human life was irrelevant to the goal of having Crest-bearing heirs. He wanted to change this, and thus become absorbed in Crest research. Although he isn’t able to find a way to give everyone a Crest, he instead creates magical tools that anyone can use. This had a huge impact on society, bringing Fódlan one step closer to the equality he envisioned.

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